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Meet the Owner


I am Jasmine and I don’t just love natural hair, I live it. After completing cosmetology school to become a licensed hair stylist, I noticed there were a lot of people with natural hair, like me, but not enough hair stylists that catered to basic natural hair maintenance.

I wanted to provide the natural hair community with a solution, so Wash N Fro was born. Wash N Fro is Hampton Roads’ first shampoo bar for natural hair.

Thanks to many natural hair pioneers before me, and more recently The Crown Act, we no longer have to go above and beyond to manipulate our hair into society's standards. We are allowed to be our natural selves; but it seems like there is still a disconnect in the community in switching to that mindset.

Wash N Fro was developed to embrace natural textures and encourage self-love and acceptance through simple hair maintenance.

Growing up with really thick natural hair was a struggle. There was always a fear and frustration when it came down to dealing with my hair.

There are so many things that could make “going natural” or being natural an irritation but I really wanted it to work. For a long time I just kept saying to myself, “There has to be a simpler solution!” I remained committed to loving my hair and, now, here we are!

Wash N Fro is for the naturalista who really wants an easier way to embrace being natural. Through affordable and simple natural hair maintenance, Wash N Fro hopes to break up the stigmas surrounding naturally textured hair and help bring a happier hair journey to the natural hair community in the Hampton Roads area.

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