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Cream Abstract

Itinerary Preview

Introduction and Theory

  • Overview of essential products for natural hair care. Learn about their benefits, how to use them, and why they are important for maintaining healthy hair.

  • Conduct a thorough hair analysis using a Hair Analysis Result Chart. Understand different hair types and textures, and how to assess the health of hair.

  • Introduction to the basics of twisting hair, including techniques and tips.


Practical Session

  • Practice two-strand twists and flat twists on a mannequin. Learn how to create tension and neat twists using the twist-in-a-twist method. Discover how to part hair into quadrants, count twists for each section, and apply twist gel evenly.


Recap and Preparation

  • Recap the practical session, address any questions, and prepare for working with models.



  • Take a short break to relax and refresh before diving back into the next session


Advanced Theory Session

  • Learn the essentials of the Wash N Go technique using a mannequin as a guide. Follow the training guide to master this popular natural hairstyle.

  • Understand the importance of setting realistic expectations for natural hair care.

  • Get ready for the hands-on session with models. Prepare your workspace and materials for practical application.


Practical Application

  • Work on real models, applying the steps learned. Focus on the Deep Wash N Go, putting your skills into practice under the guidance of our instructors.


Recap and Closing

  • Recap the practical session, discuss what you've learned, and address any final questions. 

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