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Okay, here's the deal...

Wash N Fro is starting a new group to work with a handful of naturalista who want an easier way to embrace being natural. We will provide exactly what you need to gain max coil definition and hydration, while making natural hair care EASY!


We’ve called the program HYDRATION, because that’s what we all really want.

How Does It Work?

First off, we only want to work with people who are serious about getting max hydration and overall relief with their natural hair.   We’ll give you clear instructions on what your hair needs so you can know exactly what plan is most beneficial for your hair.


While we’re working together, you’ll have consistent salon visits alongside simple bedtime and wake-up instructions.   We really want to create some amazing case studies from this program to show what’s possible, so we will be working with you closely to maximize your results.


No need to worry about damage from hair manipulation. No need to worry about products again. And, best of all, no complicated wash days.  We’ll work together on getting you that maximum hydration quickly and we give you everything you need to make everyday an easy hair day, while most of the work is done by us of course. 


3 biggest problems that stop naturalistas from getting the coil hydration or curl definition they want:

 1.  Hair is being damaged because of over manipulation when styling

2.  Using the wrong products

3.  Dirty Hair


Not what you expected?  Trust us, addressing these 3 things will change the game for you when it comes to achieving the healthy, defined, curls you desire.  Wash N Fro wants to see the natural hair community win and that's why we’re giving you exactly what is necessary to improve your level of curl definition and hydration.


How Does This Program Solve These 3 Problems?

First, let's address the issue that hair is being over manipulated when styling. 


. . . sometimes we even think of it as ’protective styling’.  We don’t want to turn you away from crochets, braids, or sew-ins forever - yet people need to have a healthy balance of letting their hair breathe versus putting it in a weave.  

So, for at least a month we will style your natural hair using low manipulation styles. These styles will be determined after your stylist understands your hair type and what fits best with your lifestyle. Although, none of our styles require a lot of maintenance throughout the week after wash day.  We aim for simplicity, specializing in wash-n-go’s, 2 strand twists, and flat twist.  Bye-bye feeling overwhelmed!

The second problem we'll solve together is not using the right product, 


As a person with natural hair, it seems like you've got endless options for products, but which one is good for your hair? Will you have to purchase a lot of different options until you find one?  Luckily there's a much better way, and we'll get that in place for you next…


The claims some products make are often enticing, but the reality is a product alone cannot be your hair’s savior. The truth is, while products can be a necessary part of your healthy hair routine, they exist to enhance, promote, or nourish your hair’s natural characteristics, not create them.  Which is why we do the necessary work of learning the key characteristics of our hair and then determining what products are right for you. 

The 3rd and final problem - Dirty Hair.


Seriously, what if the solution to your problems had more to do with hair hygiene than anything else? Have you ever considered that these issues could result from dirty hair? Don’t get us wrong, struggles on our natural journey can also stem from other places. Still, when you aren’t creating an environment that allows your hair to thrive, these struggles will continue complicating your natural journey.


This is where the fun begins............


  1. We'll start with a Hair Analysis for your strands — making sure we're 100% clear on your hair type and what your hair needs to thrive. Our stylist will identify your coil type, perform a porosity test and determine the hair's elasticity.  By analyzing the hair characteristics, we'll give you better results by knowing and addressing the root issues.  

  2. Based on those characteristics, we will determine the appropriate products to cleanse, condition and style your hair.  Rest assured, all of our products promote maximum hydration.

  3. Followed with a consultation to determine what look you want to achieve.  We'll design a plan from your stylist recommendations that best fit in with your lifestyle.  Making wash day a no-brainer for you, it’ll become more like a spa day for you.

  4. Then, we will use pre-poo and steam on the hair, to assist with hydration. Alongside gentle detangling techniques to eliminate knots and reduce any  breakage that can occur.

  5. Scalp massage improves circulation while cleansing your strands.  A steam towel on the face, with your feet up will give you a spa-like experience. 

  6. After applying a deep conditioning hair mask, you will see a much more defined curl pattern. 

  7. Now, the hair will be styled.  Whether you want to keep your curls popping with a wash-n-go or you want to go the protective route with 2-strand or flat twists.Or maybe you want a combo half twisted, half curly. You decided!

  8. Finally, we will rebook for the next recommended time to ensure you are consistent.  You will get two more appointments, a total of 3 appointments are included with this program.


Now we imagine you’ve got questions..................Here are some of the ones we’ve had before...


Where and When?

We’re kicking things off right now for a limited time and limited spaces!!  If you’re in, we’ll call you to schedule your first appointment. The program includes 3 salon appointments, in which you will be expected to schedule all of them within 8 weeks.  This ensures your hair is clean and you can see the benefits of consistency.  


The salon is located at 1408 Pembroke Ave in Hampton, VA. 


We'll be there to support you every step of the way during your journey. A receptionist will call you to schedule your initial appointment, and your second/third appointment will be booked when you are at the salon with your stylist.  


How Much Time Do I Need?


This is a series of 3 different salon visits. Depending on recommendations customized to your hair, you will have weekly or bi weekly visits. With a maximum of 8 weeks to complete the entire series. 


The time of the appointment can vary depending on the client’s needs or hair length, anywhere from 1 hour 30 mins to 4 hours.  


The first appointment will include a Hair Analysis, which will help your stylist determine the best path for your hair. Then you will receive a Deep Wash .  This service includes Pre-Poo, Hydrating Steam, Mask Treatment, Deep Conditioner, a warm Face Towel and Scalp Massage along with Leave-In Product and your choice of style.


The second and third appointment will follow the plan determined between you and your stylist at your previous appointment. 


We don’t want to go on forever here, by now you should know whether this sounds like something you want, or not…


What’s the Investment?


If it sounds like a good fit and you want to join HYDRATION today, we don’t want a big price tag to be an issue. 


Your investment is $240, but we're using a ‘Pay As You Go’ model that makes it easy to get started.


We’re trialing a new 'Pay As you Go' model for this intake at just $40 per week, for 6 weeks total. Overall price stays the same.


Is there a Guarantee?


Any time you invest time and money, there’s a risk. Right? What if it doesn’t work? What if it’s not as good as we say it is? 


So let's look at the best and worst case scenarios:


Best Case: Over the next month or two, you create consistency habits that reveal healthy, hydrated, thriving coils. You get a relaxing head massage and your hair pampered with high quality services and products.   You learn new things about your hair, gain a bunch of confidence in your natural hair journey, and the systems necessary to thrive every month.


That’s the best case............................But what about the worst case?


Worst Case: Maybe it doesn’t work. Maybe you’ve had your first appointment, and you decide it’s just not for you. Or the atmosphere isn’t quite right, or maybe you jumped in too soon, or you decide that our methods are not for you.......... In which case, If you aren't happy with your style we will redo it free of charge. 

If after the first visit you don't feel it is a good fit, you are able to opt out of the program and a prorated amount will be refunded if paid in full. Or if weekly, payments will be stopped immediately. You even get to keep all the knowledge we've covered to that point. You've received a spa day for your hair and have a better understanding of your coils, and you get your money back in your pocket.


So if that’s the worst case, there's no risk to get started, is there?

How Do You Get a Spot?


If you’ve read the questions above, meet the requirements and want to get started just pay with the link below and we’ll call to get you set up. (Please allow 1-3 business days for the receptionist to call you to schedule appointment)


Join RIGHT NOW to change the trajectory of your natural experience and become a naturalista that WINS!

LAST CHANCE to grab a spot though before this starts costing you serious money!

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