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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you use hair dryers?

* Dryers will only available after a Wash or Fro service *

15 minutes……………………………………………………. $9
30 minutes……………………………………………………. $15

Availability is limited at this time.

Drying is a la carte service. It is not automatically included with any service. It must be booked in advance.

Your hair may still be wet when you leave, as we base dryer time on the duration you request when booking, not final results. Please be sure to book your duration accordingly.


  • Do I have to leave my credit card on file?


Wash N Fro does not accept appointments without a card to secure the reservation. You are not obligated to pay with this card. Your card will only be charged once you have received service or in the event you do not show for your appointment without reaching out to us in advance. We ask that you bring your preferred payment card with you to every appointment, even if you save a card on file.


  • What does it mean to be a cashless salon?

We do not take cash payments or make change for tips. For payment, we accept all major credit cards and debit cards. If you choose to leave a cash tip for your stylist, please prepare exact change.

  • Do you serve non-naturals who want to transition to natural hair but haven’t done the big chop?


​Yes! We are looking forward to helping you during your journey!


  • Can I bring my own products?


No. Our goal is to help create a simple solution to hair wash day through cleansing and hydrating the hair. We are confident that we have the products and tools necessary to make that happen. We'll use our hair care products so you can enjoy your visit without having to tote around any of yours.

  • Do you service locs?

    Yes. Please see our Haircare Services page for details.

  • Will you be offering haircuts as well?

    Wash N Fro offers washing services, flat twists and 2-strand twists. We do not offer haircuts or trims at this time.​​


  • Do you only service women?

    No. Wash N Fro wants to make hair maintenance easier for women, men, and children! We are happy to serve all who may benefit from our services.

  • How old do you have to be to get your hair done?

Wash N Fro doesn't put a specific age requirement on receiving service. Every child is different and so it must be determined case by case. If we can provide service without upsetting the child, we would be happy to do so.

  • Can i bring my kids?

For safety and efficiency, we encourage appointment attendance to be limited to only those being serviced.

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Last Updated 12/10/22

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