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All about the WASH in Wash N Fro

Wash days can be stressful for us natural queens, and that’s why Wash N Fro came about. We want to make wash days something you can look forward to. We offer three different wash services. Wondering which one is best for you? Keep reading.

Before you can choose which service is best for you, let’s talk about WHEN to wash your hair. There are a few factors that play into when you should wash your hair. Consider these things when determining when to wash. Do you work-out or sweat often? Does your hair smell due to being around smoke or being outside? Have you been using a lot of products that create buildup? We all have different lifestyles and therefore there is no universal rule to when you should wash.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk more about the different Wash services we offer.

Black woman getting hair washed
A clean scalp is key to healthy and thriving hair!

CoWash N Go

What exactly does ‘Co-Wash’ mean? To co wash means washing your hair with conditioner ONLY. This is a no-shampoo treatment. Co washing can help to hydrate and moisturize your hair, which is perfect for us who have dry hair. A lot of people choose to co-wash vs shampoo because of the sulfates in shampoos which can strip the natural oils from your hair. However, you should note that most of the ingredients in conditioner are meant to hydrate vs cleanse. With that being said, you may still want to alternate between shampooing and co-washing.

Cleansing Wash N Go

This is your traditional wash service using both shampoo and conditioner. If you’ve used our CoWash N Go service previously or co-wash frequently, you may want to consider incorporating this service into your routine. Utilizing a shampoo service can ensure that your hair and scalp are free of things like built up hair product, dirt, sweat, etc. If you’ve noticed that your hair is starting to feel dry after the cleansing Wash N Go service, then that is a signal that your hair is in need of a deep condition. You may want to consider booking our Deep Wash N Go for your next service.

Deep Wash N Go

What is deep conditioning and what are the benefits? Deep conditioning is more intense than regular conditioning. It works to impart moisture deep into the hair shaft. Deep conditioning on a regular basis can help to repair damaged hair. It is especially important for those us with kinky and tightly curly hair to deep condition. That is because it is hard for moisture to reach the hair shaft because of the way the hair curls. Our deep condition treatment includes a hair mask. Depending on the condition of your hair, your stylist will choose either a clay mask or cherry lola treament.

Want to know more about our deep conditioning treatments for natural hair? Read it in the blog! Ready to book a wash serrvice? Click here!

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