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All About Two-Strands

One of the styles that we offer at Wash N Fro are two strands twists. A simple and easy enough style for protecting natural hair, but do you know all the benefits that this style offers?

Let’s start by explaining what two strand twists are. We section the hair with large or small parts and then twist the two strands of hair in those sections together. Two strands work best on natural hair so that we don’t have to manipulate your ends to get them to stay together.

Aside from being a protective style two strand twists also help to seal in moisture. A big part of what we do here at Wash N Fro is helping to retain moisture in your hair. Without properly moisturizing your natural tresses it can lead to dry, brittle, and damaged hair.

We stay away from using heat on your hair here at the salon, so two strands twists are great for that. They don’t require heat and don’t put a lot of tension on your hair.

Lastly this style can be worn for days to week. It’s lightweight, and you can remove the twists to rock curls whenever you’re ready.

How do you know which one to choose?

We know what you are thinking... "Yes! This sounds like exactly what I need!" and you went to the booking page and then... got lost. Which one should you pick: Basic, Premium, or Deluxe Fro? The short answer: what's your style?

Basic Fro: Total of 1-15 two strand twists in your hair

Deluxe Fro: Total of 16-25 two-strand twists in your hair

Premium Fro: Total of 13-20 flat twists in your hair

Click here to come see us at Wash N Fro and book this style 😊

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