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Hair Analysis


Not sure where to start with your natural hair? A Hair Analysis will let you know!

Our hair technicians have been trained to identify key elements about your hair that makes it easier to make recommendations and build a hair regimen to help your hair thrive.

A Hair Analysis includes:

  • Finding out your hair type

  • Determining your hair's elasticity

  • Determining your hair's porosity​

Natural Beauty_edited_edited.jpg


No twisting, twirling, coiling or knotting!

Let those natural curls pop with a Wash-N-Go!

Whether you are looking for an easy fallback when your DIY hairstyle fails, a cute, refreshing look to show off your curl definition, or a relieving break after a tight protective style -- the wash service you choose will depend on your hair and lifestyle. Check out the descriptions below!


"Conditioner Only" Wash
Starting at $35

A fresh, clean, empowered head of hair is key to a wash-n-go. The goal of this wash is to remove buildup from sweat and stylers so your curls can flex freely without losing moisture.

This service includes Pre-Poo, Steam, Co-Wash, Rinse with Scalp Massage, and Leave-In Product.

Cleansing Wash-n-Go

Traditional Wash
Starting at $45

Get your hair hydrated, cleansed, and moisturized giving you the best path to lasting curl definition!

This service includes Pre-Poo, Hydrating Steam, Shampoo, Conditioner, a warm Face Towel and Scalp Massage, as well as Leave-In Product.

Deep Wash-n-Go

Clarifying Hair Mask
Starting at $60

Sometimes our hair needs a little extra love. Give your hair the ultimate pampering! Receive our Deep Cleansing, Moisturizing, and Conditioning Mask Treatment, complete with a refreshing face towel.

This service includes Pre-Poo, Hydrating Steam, Mask Treatment, Deep Conditioner, a warm Face Towel and Scalp Massage along with Leave-In Product.



Looking for a quick style that is low maintenance? These ageless natural hairstyles are classic and easy to maintain.

As a bonus, once twists are untwisted, the result is deep waves with bounce for days or even weeks! Styles can last between 2-3 weeks (depending on hair texture and maintenance)

Basic Fro Maintenance

1-8 Flat Twists -or-

1-15 Two-Strands

Starting at $25

For a looser wave pattern, choose 1-8 flat twists -OR- 1-15 two strand twists.

Bigger twists tend to give bigger waves!

Deluxe Fro Maintenance

9-12 Flat Twists -or-
16-25 Two-Strands

Starting at $35

Choose a more defined curl by having your hair styled into 9-12 flat twist -OR-

16-25 two-strand twists (4 quadrant).

Depending on maintenance, this can also cut back on frizz!

Premium Fro Maintenance

13-20 Flat Twists -or-
26-40 Two-Strands

Starting at $45

If you are looking for a tighter curl, choose to have your hair styled in 13-20 flat twists -OR-

26-40 two-strand twists.

Tighter curls tend to last longer with minimal maintenance!

A La Carte


Detangle Unwashed Hair

If you choose a Fro Maintenance Service without a Wash Service, there will be a $15 fee for detangling.


Medium Length

If hair reaches the top of your shoulder to your armpit on pull down, there's an additional $5 fee for length

There is no upcharge for thickness.


Long Length

If hair reaches your armpit to midback on pull down, there's an additional $10 fee for length

There is no upcharge for thickness


Extra Long Length

If hair reaches past the middle of your back on pull down, there's an additional $20 fee for length

There is no upcharge for thickness


At Wash N Fro, we do our best to make sure all your needs are taken care of. If you have to cancel or change your appointment, just let us know. If you inform us less than 24 hours before your scheduled time, we have to charge full-price and cannot guarantee we’ll be able to slot you in.

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