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Deep Condition Your Natural Curls at Wash N Fro

Hey Naturalistas!

A good wash and deep condition is key to maintaining healthy and thriving curls in afro-textured hair. When you deep condition routinely, you help your afro become more manageable, remove excess product and oils, and restore lost moisture to your natural hair. Let’s talk about some of the products that we use here at Wash N Fro to deep condition your hair and will help your natural curls to pop.

The first product up is rhassoul clay. Rhassoul is a type of clay that comes from Morocco. It translates to “wash”. The clay has a high amount of metallic elements that draw out impurities in skin and hair. We use it as a hair mask because it removes excess oil and conditions your hair, as well as exfoliates the scalp. When your hair follicles are clear, you will see a much more defined curl pattern. Minerals found within the clay, like magnesium, can add strength and shine to the hair. The clay can be used by solely mixing it with water but since it is removing oils, Wash N Fro mixes it with other ingredients that increase moisturization without buildup.

The next product that we use is a Cherry Lola Treatment. Sounds fancy right? When you see your curls, you will feel fancy! We use this treatment to hydrate your coils and kinks, loosen your natural curl pattern, and repair damaged hair follicles. The Cherry Lola Treatment has three simple ingredients: yogurt, liquid aminos, and baking soda. What's the 411 on these ingredients? Each of these ingredients have their own benefits, and when combined have great results for your tresses.

Yogurt helps to reduce dandruff and frizz, as well as moisturizing your hair. The amino acid promotes elasticity and strengthens your hair so it is less prone to breakage. It can also loosen the curl pattern temporarily to help give your curls a more controlled look. The final ingredient is baking soda, which helps to purify your strands by removing buildup and allowing moisturizing and styling products to really sink in and work.

When you come to Wash N Fro we will determine which mask is best for your hair type. Ready to get your curls in formation? Visit the booking page!

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